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Seven key strategies to support online-only SMB

The dynamic business environment requires companies to think beyond their traditional strategies and to look for more innovative opportunities. Here are a number of key sustainable business strategies.

We live at the height of digital dependency and numerous companies have embarked on digital processes. Without a doubt, e-commerce is one of today's most promising prospects. However, it is important to follow some key strategies in order to achieve a sustainable business with all its advantages:

• Create a brand image that is memorable

Most companies will concentrate on producing great products, with little consideration of visual representation.

• Take a flexible strategy for pricing

The price of goods is one of the most difficult aspects. The right pricing, while maintaining the brand differentiation, is often finalized without considering the multitude of cost-incurring elements like shipping, inventory, advertising, etc.

• Reduce cash for failure to deliver

When a company is new, the supply of cash (COD) is almost inevitable until customers are confident with the brand.

• Take baby steps

If you are a businessman, it is important not only to visualize an idea but also to implement it and to improve constantly. Gradually move from one stage to the next.

• Knowledge of publicity and promotion

The understanding of these different tools enables you to choose the right vehicle for expression as a business owner and know what to expect in exchange.

• Seize opportunities

The dynamic business environment today requires companies to think beyond their traditional strategies and to look for more innovative opportunities. Try to leverage all the potential prospects that present themselves in due course or even the ones you can actively seek out.

• Don't do everything

This is one of the worst enemies of entrepreneurship. It is a sure-shot way to get overworked, overwhelmed, and burned out ultimately.


Strategies specially tailored for potential customers are best for selling to small and medium-sized enterprises. Although smaller paydays are provided for SMB sales opportunities, working with SMBs still offers many advantages.

Big companies have greater buying power and it can be quite lucrative to have one deal. But contracts with big companies can hardly be concluded, and sales resources can end up being wasted on deals that are never completed. SMBs need a different sales approach.

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