The 7 Most Common Reasons: People Give For Selling Their Business

Purchasing and selling business has become as common as purchasing and selling real estate. In some ways, it is, because a website is a piece of Internet real estate. And, just like a house, people have a variety of reasons for selling their business. Understanding the motivations behind a sale may allow you to negotiate a better deal.

So, why would someone sell their business online that they clearly spent a lot of time and effort creating? Let's look at some of the most common reasons why people sell their businesses online and what they might mean for you, as the potential buyer.



This is the most frequently cited reason we hear from sellers. Sometimes they simply stop enjoying the business and wish to pursue other interests. However, diminished enjoyment is frequently linked to declining revenues and the discouragement it causes in business owners, and that blow to morale and motivation can be difficult to overcome.


New Opportunities

Though this can mask other reasons and motivations for selling, it's the reason sellers give because they think it sounds better than their actual reasons. However, we frequently change our plans or embark on new paths as new opportunities present themselves, so this can be true in many cases.


Declining Revenues

Some businesses fail for reasons beyond the control of the owner, such as an economic downturn or a high unemployment rate. Some business owners may choose to ride out such changes, but others may not. Such circumstances can also contribute to frustration and, as a result, burnout.


Negative Industry Changes

While buyers rely on sellers to provide as much information as possible about the business they are purchasing, buyers must also do their homework. Regrettably, some sellers do not always disclose everything they should. For example, if certain industry changes are on the horizon that will have a negative impact, a seller may choose not to share that information to complete the transaction.


Partner Disputes

Partnerships begin with a lot of hope, but unfortunately, they often end up squabbling. The most common agreement reached by many partners is to divest and part ways. If the partners are in a hurry to sell their business online, this can sometimes present a good opportunity for a buyer. Again, make sure you understand the reasons for the sale and that they have nothing to do with any potential flaws in the business itself.


Financial Reasons

This is more common than most people realize. Even if an owner has a profitable business, they can make mistakes that lead to financial difficulties. Liquidating the business can often help them get out of debt or other financial difficulties.


Changing Your Way of Life

It can be exhausting to play the entrepreneurial game. After a while, people may decide to take their lives in a new and different direction, one that does not include their business.

There are examples of quite a few entrepreneurs who have built successful online businesses but are tired of being on the computer every day. These entrepreneurs frequently sell their business online before pursuing an offline venture.

Always listen to the seller's reasons for selling, but also look beyond them for other reasons, as this may help you identify areas of the business that may be a struggle. Keep in mind that sellers who decide to sell their business online are usually in the process of checking out of their business as well. They may be rushing, but as a buyer, you cannot afford to be in a rush. A business should be judged on its own merits, independent of the seller or anything else the seller tells you about why they're selling. Take the time to do your homework so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

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