How to create an effective Franchise Marketing Plan?

One of the most difficult tasks for a business leader is to run a successful franchise in multiple locations and optimize each one for maximum engagement and recognition in their local markets. Yes, you should put your trust in your franchisees to do an excellent job of managing their branches efficiently and effectively, but only if you have done your part of the job beforehand.

What exactly is your job?

As a franchisor, your job is to develop a solid overarching marketing strategy that will assist each branch in maximizing its marketing potential while ensuring brand consistency at all times. To that end, here are the most effective ways to develop a successful franchise marketing strategy.

Use content to help your local franchises grow.

The name of the game is content marketing. Not only is content marketing important for audience engagement, but SEO-friendly content is the key to ranking at the top of the SERPs. Needless to say, each of your branches must prioritize content marketing to rank higher in local searches and establish the brand as an authority in the market.

Focus on the following to assist your franchise in creating amazing content:

• Find keywords that are relevant to each local market.

• Create headlines for articles that are relevant to the local demographic.

• Encourage local franchises to write compelling and in-depth articles that will benefit the local readership while keeping SEO in mind.

• Ensure that all branches diversify their content offerings by producing written content, audio content, video content, as well as compelling imagery and infographics that are properly optimized.

• All of these content types can be used to fuel your local franchises' email campaigns, social media profiles, and, of course, blog posts.

Strengthen your social media presence.

It is critical to recognize that social media provides access to a global audience. More importantly for a franchise, social media provides access to many local markets — a way to discover and comprehend the subtle nuances that distinguish a market and drive local trends. A franchise can benefit more than any other business structure from social media marketing and management. With this in mind, incentivize each branch to manage their own social media accounts while adhering to the overall brand guidelines. This way, you will be able to build a large network and cost-effectively expand your reach.

Maintain brand consistency throughout the franchise.

Building a brand is at the heart of effective marketing. After all, what good is a marketing plan if you don't have a strong brand identity and a compelling story to tell to your target demographic? Remember that your marketing strategy's purpose is to assert your brand and everything it stands for across the online and offline worlds. Hence, you must first create something worth sharing, an identity that will strike an emotional chord with your target audience.

However, one of the most serious concerns for franchises is a lack of brand consistency in local markets. Franchisees often prefer to do things their own way, and they may frequently deviate from the branding parameters to try something new and different. While there should always be room for progress and innovation, this should be driven solely by the franchisor team. Concentrate on creating a comprehensive brand book that every branch can easily follow, and you will have ensured brand consistency while also providing your franchisees with the tools they need to create amazing marketing campaigns.

Place a premium on word-of-mouth marketing.

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective tools in any marketer's or franchisor's arsenal. Incentivizing and inspiring people to spread the word about the brand are a surefire way to increase brand awareness and recognition, as well as, most importantly, to establish a trustworthy relationship with the consumer market. And, as you must be aware, to make a purchase, the modern-day consumer must trust you.

Furthermore, potential franchisees researching how to choose a franchise will base their final decision on a plethora of factors; the most important being honest testimonials from customers and franchise employees. You can be sure that potential customers and franchisees will seek out your employees in search of honest opinions about the brand, so ensure they are happy in every way.

Building a strong word-of-mouth marketing strategy will come down to the quality of your products, customer service, and internal and external company culture. Combine these winning characteristics with smart influencer marketing, and you've got yourself a solid Word-Of-Mouth marketing campaign to propel your franchise forward.

Each branch should have its own email strategy.

As the digital revolution gained traction over the last few decades, many marketers and business leaders predicted that email would eventually die out and be replaced by new, more refined forms of communication. They had no idea that email marketing would not only survive, but also rise to become one of the most promising marketing tools of the modern era.

Email is the most direct way to communicate with your target demographic. It's an effective way to maintain relationships with existing customers while also attracting new ones to your brand. Here's how to improve your email marketing strategy:

• Every branch has a one-of-a-kind opportunity to develop its own email strategy.

• Local market insights should be used by your franchisees to create email content that is relevant to their demographic.

• Every branch can tailor its email campaigns to appeal to local preferences and support local culture by using relevant data from social media.

• Using retargeting tools, each branch can reestablish communication with potential customers and incentivize them to return and complete a purchase.

The email has enormous potential for franchise growth across the board, and it should be incorporated into your overall marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

Franchise marketing differs greatly from traditional business marketing; in that, there are numerous factors to consider and tactics to implement in each location. A single mistake can damage the hard-earned brand reputation. You can use these marketing tips to develop a comprehensive franchise marketing strategy that will aid in the overall growth of your franchise.

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