How Simplified Marketplace can assist Businesses during this Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled B2B buyers, sellers, and investors to go digital in unprecedented numbers. What began as a crisis response has now evolved into the new standards of business, with significant consequences on how buyers, sellers, and investors conduct business in the future.

Simplified Marketplace had already foreseen the future of offline business trading contingencies and had proactively taken the initiative to drive the business sellers, buyers, investment seekers, and investors in the right direction, especially during the pandemic where offline services have been slimmed to almost negligible. 

Companies that have already started to pivot to a new marketplace are well placed to succeed in this environment. According to a recent McKinsey report on the behavior of global policymakers across sectors after the start of the recession, the major digital change is here to remain. More than three-quarters of buyers, sellers, and investors now favor digital self-service and remote human contact over face-to-face interactions, a sentiment that has grown strong and will sustain even post-lockdown.

Far from becoming a local phenomenon, the transition to digital and remote interaction has been adopted by policymakers in every country surveyed globally. B2B sales leaders have transitioned from being "forced" to embrace digitalization in response to widespread shutdowns during the early stages of COVID-19 to an increasing “belief that digitalization is the only survival strategy”.

We will not be returning to "business as normal" anytime soon. A few months ago, the adjustments brought on by Covid-19 were seen as a brief transition — something we had to put up with for a few months before returning to workplaces, and face-to-face meetings. However, businesses have accepted that the present state of affairs could be the new norm. 

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