About Us

About Company

The entire world has gone digital, so why not the purchase and sale of businesses?

Simplified Marketplace is a digital platform that was born to make it easier for business owners and investors to buy or sell or even invest in desired businesses across India at the touch of their fingertips.

We understand the challenges of looking out for that perfect investment or sales opportunity and the pillar to post races you have to endure to finally reach out to the business you are interested in and the exhaustive process of research, legal and financial paperwork.


Our mission is to simplify business buying, selling and investing by helping you discover and connect with the right prospects. We also help startups struggling to find the right buyer or investors through our platform. Simplified Marketplace also offers access to innumerable franchise sellers and buyers, making it one of the most sought after platforms to invest in a franchise or to sell one.

We don’t just bring you the benefit of discovering great buying, selling or investment opportunities from the comfort of your home but also guide you in the event that you need any expert tips or advice during the process, through mentors on our platform. We have a highly-qualified team of goal-oriented professionals from various domains to make buying, selling and investing in a business easy for you.


Meet the Founder – Mr. Sanket Modi

“A Leader Is One Who Knows the Way, Goes the Way, and Shows the Way” – John C. Maxwell

This is how the journey of a true leader is and Mr. Sanket Modi has been no different.

Sanket Modi is a dynamic entrepreneur and CEO of B2B inDemand and Simplified Marketplace both of which are the subsidiaries of S. M. Technomine Inc. a leading company in the Marketing & Advertising Industry.

B2B inDemand is a marketing powerhouse, catering to the sales and marketing needs of businesses worldwide. Whereas, Simplified Marketplace is an online platform for business selling, buying, and investing. With 14 years of professional experience and having played multiple roles from Operations Manager, VP Marketing to CEO, has allowed him to help B2B brands leverage technology & strategy to grow beyond initial projections.

He has also helped several firms in maximizing ROI, customer acquisition, thereby achieving their desired goals in minimum possible time and high accuracy.

He firmly believes that a customer-centric approach is what makes the business a “Great Business” and this has been his secret sauce for success.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/im-sanket-modi/ .

Why Choose Us

We Make Buying, Selling and Investing Easy!

With Simplified Marketplace,

  • All the registrations are done only after thorough verification of the details and checking for their authenticity.
  • Prospect can browse through thousands of options whether it's buying, selling, or investing in a business.
  • All the records, business details, and current stats is made available to the prospect for making an informed decision while making a deal.
  • Start-ups and other businesses can seek investments from a pool of business investors present on the platform.
  • One needs to go through just a simple 4-step process.
    1. Register Listing.
    2. Get Approval.
    3. Contact the Buyer, Seller, or Investor.
    4. Complete Deal.

And you're all set.

Our Vision

To provide all types of businesses a common platform to easily connect and access opportunities of sales, purchase, investment, and business mentorship.

Our Mission

To innovate and work dedicatedly each day to ensure that business buying, selling and investing is simplified. We are committed to bring the best business opportunities for our clients.

Our Values

We uphold strong business ethics and transparency in our services. We bring you authentic buyers, sellers and investors.

Quality Standards

Whether it’s a Business buyer, seller or an investor, every entity has to go through our multi-level verification process to ensure the authenticity on the platform.